Wildlife Unleashed is not just a company; it is a heartfelt mission to educate and inspire people about the wonders of the natural world

Founded by Adele and Mick Bender, they have a lifelong dedication to wildlife and conservation. Mick wrangles some of the world’s most venomous snakes, death adders, taipans, tiger snakes, king browns and so many more, all while dispelling myths and educating viewers about these elusive creatures.

The show will also feature the aerial adventures of their free flight flock, see their exotic and native birds up close and personal – you will leave with the urge to look up and see what wildlife is in the sky. With Australia having the most lizard species in the world, you will be taken on a journey unveiling some of Australia’s most well-known specimens. Discover the blue tongue lizards, shingle back skinks, bearded dragons, and the frilled-neck lizards. The team will highlight the distinctive characteristics of each lizard and where they can be found in Australia. Be sure to meet their baby saltwater crocodiles up close and you will fall in love with ‘Little Foot’ and ‘Chomper’.

With their unwavering passion for all creatures great and small, they have spent decades surrounded by wildlife, learning, and sharing their insights. Watch as Wildlife Unleashed is not just an animal show; it reflects Adele and Mick’s profound commitment to the environment. Their engaging presentations, fuelled by a deep well of knowledge, and delivered with boundless enthusiasm, offer expo visitors a unique opportunity to connect with nature and become advocates for its preservation.

With three shows daily at the expo, this is something for the whole family to enjoy.