Stoney Creek Campers: Embodying the Spirit of Adventure

In 1997, Hank Rojek embarked on a transformative journey that would leave an indelible mark on the Australian camping landscape. An avid adventurer with years of camping and caravan experience, Hank faced a challenge: no camper trailer was designed to withstand the harsh and rugged Australian Outback. Driven by necessity and a passion for exploration, Hank dedicated himself to crafting a camper that could conquer the unknown.

In his workshop, Hank meticulously planned and designed every detail of what would become a game-changer for outdoor enthusiasts. This was no ordinary vehicle; it was a solution born out of Hank’s love for adventure and determination to explore Australia’s most challenging terrain. From the Kimberleys and Cave Leveque to the Bungle Bungles and the notorious Gibb River Road, Hank’s creation proved its worth, navigating these formidable landscapes with ease and resilience. It wasn’t long before curious onlookers began to take notice, marvelling at the camper’s robust build and practical design, often asking, “Where can I get one?”

This overwhelming interest marked the birth of a new venture. Upon returning to Ipswich, Hank, alongside a lifelong friend, founded his first off-road camper trailer business. Each camper was handcrafted in a Bundamba warehouse, quickly earning a reputation for toughness, reliability, and simplicity. It wasn’t long before customers from all over Australia were seeking out these practical, well-designed trailers.

Although Hank eventually sold his initial camper business, his passion for creating durable and reliable campers remained unwavering. In 2012, responding to persistent customer requests, he founded Stoney Creek Campers. Starting with just one model and a single location in Ipswich, Queensland, Stoney Creek has since evolved into an industry leader, now boasting six locations across Australia.

Today, Stoney Creek Campers remains a family-owned and operated business, with the second generation, Chris Rojek, at the helm. The company offers 19 models, including Camper Trailers, Off-Road Hybrids, Off-Road Caravans, and the new Timberland Campervan. Despite its continuous growth and innovation in design, manufacturing, and engineering, the mission has remained steadfast: to spread the spirit of adventure by building the best campers for Australia.

Stoney Creek Campers continues to uphold its commitment to quality and adventure, embodying the pioneering spirit that Hank instilled from the very beginning. With each camper trailer that rolls out of their facility, Stoney Creek Campers ensures that the legacy of exploration, resilience, and practical design lives on. This is not just a business; it’s a tribute to the adventurers who dare to conquer the unknown and a promise that no matter where the road takes you, a Stoney Creek Camper will be there to lead the way.