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When deciding which satellite system to install on a caravan, consider the following:

The satellite signals across Australia are very well managed and specified by Optus for VAST.

Reception of satellite signals require Minimum dish sizes, based on the location you plan to travel and weather conditions.

A 60cm dish will work fine if you are planning to travel the more densely populated East coast.
A minimum of an 80cm dish if you plan to travel to more remote areas like FNQ, NT, WA or Tasmania.

Suggested criteria for selection:

  1. Performance (ability to lock to the satellite) should be 80 or 85cm with at least -63db of gain.
  2. After sales. – ease of installation and removal for servicing (amount of holes to drill in your caravan, how cables attach/detach to the unit.
  3. Warranty, dealer network spares availability and call center support.
  4. Features – number of LNB outputs, PVR functionality, power consumption, Integrated GPS, modern control unit etc.
  5. Quality – metal sealed gear box, Aluminium dish, stainless steel fixings and parts etc.
  6. General aesthetics – build quality mechanical design etc.
  7. Cost (value for money) of course is a huge factor and after dish size probably the next most important consideration.

Altech UEC are a supplier of Quality Self Pointing Satellite Dish systems for Caravans.

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